Use gas the 21st Century way

It detects gas leaks
It monitors gas levels
It gives instant sms reports

Why Memeza?

Memeza is Gas Smart Meter capable of LP gas leak detection and gas level monitoring. It incorporates real-time notification capabilities allowing the users of the device to request and receive alerts when prompted. A user of the Memeza is alerted via sms when an LP gas leak is detected in their home or usage environment. In addition to this the notification feature enables users to receive sms alerts with information on the current level of gas in a gas canister. The device leverages on data analytics to advise users on when to refill the gas canister. Users can also request this information through the NeedEnergy App or via sms.


It will help you reduce the risk of gas related accidents in the home, lab or business.


It lets you know how much gas you have left in the tank, allowing you to refill before running out.

Do you want to be safe, get alerts and know when to refill your gas tank?
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